June 30, 2022

Faculty of Foreign Languages Library



The library of Faculty of Foreign Languages was inaugurated in 1975 and is located in the official section of the faculty. The library has 3 sections. One is for references and dissertations. One for magazines, and there is also the
Armanology Library. Book lending and searching is done in the library storage. The number of all the library books including Persian, Arabic, and English is 45420.

English Books

Farsi Books

Armanology Library



Library of Foreign languages



Valuable Books



It is also noticeable that the number of books and library members is increasing.

Reference Books Section:

-Organizing, codifying, classifying and submitting dissertations
-Preparing imported magazines
-Rendering information services
Databases and searching articles within them
-Preparing magazines and books for book binding
-Rendering information services
Databases and searching articles within them
-Searching articleswithin databases
-Reading the shelves of the library storage

Reference Books:
The total number of reference books is about 8000 volumes which increases month by month. Searching sources in the reference section is done through 2 computer systems.

Theses / Dissertations:

This collection has 736 titles of theses and dissertations up to 1-2-2011 and this number is being increased as the number Of M.A. and PhD graduates increases

French Department

Linguistics Department

English Department

Arabic Department





The collection of available theses and dissertations is restorable via the subject heading wooden drawer with small file cabinets of small naming cards with authors' names and titles of the theses. The drawer is kept in the Reference Section Hall. In the near future the titles of the faculty thesis and dissertations can be restorable via the electronic system of the university library. The collection of the faculty theses and dissertations will be organized in Summer 2012.

Compact Diskettes:
The Reference Section has a CD bank working for two years. The number of CDs is 134. This collection is being increased as the number of the storage books increases. Compact diskettes are divided, according to the fields of study, into the following categories:









The available CDs in the library are lent only to the students, professors and the faculty staff for only 24 hours.

Cyclical Periodicals:

The collection of cyclical periodicals is located in the Reference Section of the library including English, French, German and Persian periodicals. This collection has been codified according to the requirements of different educational fields of study. Bound journal volumes are kept in the storage of Reference Section of the library. The collection of journals can be retrieved through the available Caltex in in the Journal Section. Besides Persian journals articles can be retrieved from the electronic references of library's web pages including Magiran and Noormags. Full texts of English articles are available in the English electronic reference of libraries web page including Proquest, ISI, and Science Direct .

Rules and Regulations Concerning Library Use:

All faculty members, students, Isfahan university's employees, Ghadir project members and non-affiliated members can use the library by presenting an ID card or a membership card. The Faculty of Foreign Languages Library was equipped with a security system in 2010 and it was inaugurated in the presence of Directory Board in September 2010. The system of the library of the faculty is semi-open and faculty members, M. A. , and Ph. D. students can enter the Storage Section.

Rules and regulations concerning the number and duration of lending library books in all the libraries of the Isfahan University is as follows:

-Faculty members: 10 books for 60 days
-M. A and Ph. D students: 15 books for 30 days.
-B. A students: 5 books for 15 days
-Employees: 5 books for 30 days
-Members of Ghadir project, non-affiliated membership, and members of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences: 3 books for 15 days.

Working hours of the library:

The library offers services from Saturday to Wednesday from 07.30 a. m to 16.15 p. m.

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