July 24, 2024

Our Values

The Faculty of Engineering was founded in 1957. In the past 60 years, several languages have been taught at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The seven languages include:
1. English (since 1957)
2. French (since 1958)
3. Armenian (since 1958)
4, Arabic (since 1962)
5. German (since 1964)
6. Chinese (since 2012)
7. Russian (since 2018)
In addition to the above seven languages, pure linguistics is also offered at B.A, M.A, and Ph.D levels.

Distinguished features:
We are proud of our long-standing reputation in teaching and research throughout the country and abroad.
Some of our graduates are now among the top researchers at an international level.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages aims to educate teachers who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to cater to the changing global environment for foreign language teaching. The Faculty also aims to contribute to the development of foreign language education policies worldwide, while addressing the needs of our country. The Faculty intends to create a cycle of educating future academics and scholars who will further contribute to the development of foreign language teaching.
The Faculty of Foreign Languages contributes to the University's aim to provide a world-class education that offers personalized experiences and lifetime learning opportunities. The Faculty provides quality education that helps students grow academically, professionally, and personally, enabling them to meet the challenges of living and working in a complex global society.
The Faculty fulfills its mission by:
• Preparing foreign language teachers who are proficient in both language and culture, possess knowledge of current teaching methods, and can effectively integrate technology into classroom instruction.
• Helping students develop the right attitudes, knowledge, and skills to communicate effectively across cultures, ensuring their active participation in other cultures.
• Providing opportunities for study abroad to help students develop their language and literature development and cultural competence.
• Offering courses that allow students to interact with other cultures across time through the study of literature, culture, and civilization.
• Assisting students from all faculties and departments in integrating foreign language study into other disciplines.
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